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Our Education Tours offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study in Kenya in the summer between the months of June and August every year. This program aims at preparing culturally-sensitive and diverse-thinking individuals from various academic and cultural backgrounds who are committed to experiential cross-cultural learning.

The Study Programs focus on the following main areas:-

Urbanization and change -This takes students to East Africa Capital Cities, where they will examine developmental and environmental issues that are both experienced and caused by the urban space. Students will meet and discuss with a selection of locals on their understanding and interpretation of the impact globalization has to them and their city. An urban home stay component will be used to integrate these discussions and interpretations into practical knowledge.

Traditional Societies in Transition -This will take students to various cultural centers in Tanzania and Kenya where Students will be placed in individual home stays from which they will begin to explore issues of tradition vs. modernity, change and continuity in socio-economic practices, and community vs. state in a capitalist state.

Wildlife Conservation and Ecology –This will allow students to experience first-hand the wonders of Tanzania’s renowned wildlife heritage in the Serengeti Game Reserve & Kenya’s Masai Mara while exploring the complex challenges faced by the traditional Maasai communities living in wildlife protected areas. Students will be encouraged to discuss with their hosts the intricate relationship that exists between a traditional society that has managed to fend off the beckoning of westernization and a state machinery that seeks to embrace westernization


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